Write With Us!

Looking for someone to book blog with? Look no further! I’ve decided to open up The Ghastly Grimoire to other readers of dark fiction, whether it’s horror, suspense, thrillers, true crime, or even dark romance (yes, I really just added that to the list). Below you’ll find a short, quick form to fill out. All I need is your name, email, website (if applicable, so I can see what you’ve already done in the past–though it totally isn’t necessary, an example of your writing will do if you don’t have one), and a message as to why you want to blog with me.

Please note that this is not a paying gig. We review books because reading is our passion; however, you are able to link to your Patreon account in your user profile, which will add a link to your posts for your fans to support your writing if they so wish.

If you are wanting to learn to write reviews in the genres we cover, we are willing to teach you. Just fill out the form to the best of your ability and let us know in the comments that you’re wanting to learn. Writing reviews is a great way to get free books.