Author Interview: Addison Cain


Today’s interview is with best-selling author Addison Cain, writer of dark romance and science fiction. Known for her Omegaverse books, Cain writes sexy bad boys for readers to enjoy. For more about Cain, check out her website!


CLK: Did you see yourself as a dark romance author in mid or high school?

AC: I would have never guessed I’d be an author back when I was in high school. I was shy and had a huge chip on my shoulder back then. All I wanted was to get the fuck out of California, which I did. I moved to Japan when I was 20. Living there changed my life. Still, I did not learn that I enjoyed writing fiction until I was 29.

CLK: Do any of your friends read your work? What do they think of it?

AC: I’m what we call in the author community as “out of the closet”. Everyone in my personal life knows what I write. My closest friends read it, which I am so grateful for. My sweet husband though, he’s not a fiction fan, so he just listens to me talk about plots while his eyes glaze over. Lol

CLK: Is it difficult to balance being a mother and writing a book?

AC: Oh my fucking god, yes! I’m a full-time mommy who also works about 10-12 hours a day. I don’t get breaks. Ever. But I LOVE that I have my little girl right there with me. She cracks me up and is so loving I just can’t get enough of her.

CLK: When writing, what gets you into the flow? For example certain music, coffee, tv in the background?

AC: I love this question because my answer is going to be so weird. I have a caffeine allergy, so I can’t touch coffee (I do love the smell though), and I love music but cannot have it on when I’m writing because I get distracted listening. I need silence and to be left alone to get in the headspace for my best work. A glass of wine doesn’t hurt either.

CLK: Everyone knows the dreaded word Soon when your fans ask when then next book is out. Do you love to torture your fans or are you just that evil?

AC: Yes! I love to torture fans! LOVE TO.

CLK: What is your favorite part of being an author?

AC: My job is so fun. Even with the long hours and the crazy stress, writing is incredibly fulfilling. I also love the flexible hours. I never wake up to an alarm. I get paid to daydream and make readers take a peek into my mind. It’s awesome.

CLK: And finally what would you say to any fans and up and coming authors?

AC: To the fans, SOON.

To up and coming authors, gosh, there is so much I wish I knew back them. First off, develop your prose before you publish that first book. Post online, get feedback, toughen up and listen for the kernel of wisdom in bad reviews. Also, do not fall for snake oil. If some author is trying to sell you an ad class, or telling you they can help you make a million dollars a year, take a hard look at that person and sus out their bullshit. Anything about successful marketing is free to learn. There are amazing authors who give seminars on this for free. Do not pay a “guru” to make you magically successful over night. Instead, reach out to successfully authors. Ask them to share info. Build relationships with them. And most importantly, keep writing.

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