Horror Everything Presents: Haunted Pages Book Club

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Haunted Pages Book Club

Horror Everything, one of the largest groups on Facebook for horror related things (nearly 250,000 members), recently started a book club after a thread in the group asking if anyone would be interested in reading horror books together took off–and I’m stoked. While the group began mid-January, I decided to wait until today to post about it so that potentially new members can hop in on the fun!

Needless to say, when I heard this group was happening, I was on it. The group is wonderful and friendly, with helpful, thoughtful, discussion aimed posts and sharing currently reading books/recent hauls, etc. It feels like home, and I’m really glad it’s there. The admins are great, too. Without further ado, here’s some more information on Haunted Pages Book Club:

How It Works

Each month, the admin team selects a horror novel–usually a classic–for the group to read together. No spoilers are posted throughout the month, but you can share other bookish things. Last month’s book was The Haunting of Hill House, and its discussion is currently ongoing in the group.

February’s Selection

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This month’s selection is none other than Stephen King’s Carrie. Discussion begins on February 28th, with the next book announcement taking place the same day. Considering I haven’t actually read Carrie, I’m beyond stoked. I’ve seen both movies and it’s been on my TBR for awhile.


The rules for the group are pretty simple, so for your convenience, I’ve copied and pasted them here for your perusal:

BE RESPECTFUL. Do not post spoilers until the official discussion. No violence, gore, sexual content, or self-promotion.

Method for Choosing Books

  • Google survey (one submission per person): [Link located in Group]
  • Accessibility: is this book generally available at libraries/bookstores?
  • Readability: i.e. H.P. Lovecraft is rad, but an early 1900’s novel in the first few months might turn some away. Same goes for a 500+ pager. But we’ll see how things progress 
  • Diversity from previous book(s): does the book differ from the plot of the last few books? Is the author the same/very similar? 
  • Cult/fan-ism: Hellraiser (based on a novel, who knew?), though has diehard fans, miiight not be for everyone. BUT, if it has a lot of votes, again, we’ll see 
  • Comments/feedback: We will our my best to read every comment in the forms & on FB about book choices. If folks mention something grossly inappropriate about a book, sorry guys, we’ll nix it; we want this to be a fun experience for all!

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