Review: Teeth Marks by Matthew Weber

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12 Twisted Tales from America’s Deep South! Psychotic Killers, Bloodthirsty Monsters and Ghastly Specters from Beyond the Grave!

The third collection of dark fiction from Matthew Weber (A DARK & WINDING ROAD, SEVEN FEET UNDER) will grab you like a meat hook and keep you turning pages long after you’ve wet the bed. From back-country curses and maniacal next-door neighbors to alien invasions and shape-shifting beasts, TEETH MARKS delivers the most fun you’ll ever have reading about terrible things

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Teeth Marks is a chilling collection of southern gothic horror. In fact, it’s because of its setting in the south that I read it–I’m rather partial to my home. With several stories ranging from normal, every day people to monsters and ghosts, there’s a story in Teeth Marks for just about every horror fan.

There are twelve stories total in this collection, each one with a different theme. My favorites were “Suburban Facebreaker”, “Cookies”, “The Red Card”, and “Waist Deep”–which is particularly gory. “Suburban Facebreaker” deals with badly behaving parent figures. “Cookies” reminds readers in the reality of karmic justice. “The Red Card” has a decidedly Twilight Zone feel to it, and “Waist Deep” deals with the effects of gossip. All of these are really great tales.

My only complaint with this collection is that it was surprisingly void of colloquialism. There were places where popular Southern phrases would have fit better. Alas, this is not enough for me to take a star away from the collection, as it was amazing.

I’d like to thank the author for providing me with a copy of this book for the purpose of unbiased review.

Rating: 💀💀💀💀

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