Review: Brother’s Last Call by Dennis Freeman

cover for brother's last call by dennis freeman
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An angel and a demon walk into a bar…

Join Rae and Bell as they share a drink and pass the time talking shop at the local dive bar as the Angel and Demon of Death. The war has raged for centuries but despite their differences, and their respective sides of the demilitarized zone in the mortal plane, they are one in the celestial bond of the Brothers.

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I like quick reads, and Brother’s Last Call is definitely a quick read. It’s also a fun read, though there isn’t a whole lot of depth to it. When it comes to angels and demons, I expect depth. After all, the war between Heaven and Hell is wrought with all sorts of dastardly things. Brother’s Last Call is more of a long short story, hence why it is a novelette. Nonetheless, it is plenty entertaining and definitely worth the little bit of time it takes to read.

I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that the author is from Arkansas–in fact, part of the story takes place in my city which was a delightful find. Overall, I give this three skulls. It’s enjoyable in the same way an episode of a tv show is. Nothing too serious, which is nice.

I received a copy of this work as a submission for the Indie Horror Book Awards. This review is my unbiased opinion.

Rating: 💀💀💀

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