#spookyfriendsbookclub: July 2018 – Colony of the Lost

The Book:

This month, fellow littens voted and selected the title Colony of the Lost by Derik Cavignano. Here’s the synopsis:


When the children of Glenwood begin vanishing one by one, baffling local and federal authorities alike, the idyllic New England suburb becomes anything but a utopia.


Built upon the ruins of a lost colony, Glenwood is home to a long-forgotten secret, and when three strangers are lured into the midnight woods by the phantom of a Puritan boy, they discover the truth of the town’s dark past and must face a vision of its bloody future.


Together, this unlikely trio–Jay, an alcoholic school teacher, Tim, a wise-cracking new kid in town, and Sarah, a nine-year-old with a handful of imaginary friends–must find a way to rescue the town from a terrifying supernatural force to prevent history from repeating itself.

The title was a finalist in the Silver Falchion Award for 2016.

The Author:

A native of Boston and a writer since high school, Derik Cavignano currently lives in Florida with his wife and two children.  He enjoys writing character-driven stories in a variety of genres, including suspense thrillers, paranormal, horror, and fantasy.  His novels include The Righteous and the Wicked and Colony of the Lost.

via derikcavignano.com

What is #spookyfriendsbookclub?

It’s a horror themed book club. Each month we vote on a title to read, review, and discuss. This is a fairly new group, looking to expand and enjoy books together. All of our selections are available via Kindle Unlimited, which there is a free 30 day trial of if you’ve not already used it.

How do I join?

At the bottom of this post is a widget that will allow you to add your name and url to the list of participants. Whether you use twitter, instagram, or a personal blog/goodreads to talk about books, feel free to include your url!

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