Review: In a Corner, Darkly by Sue Rovens (Volume 2)

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© Sue Rovens, 2017.


Volume 2 of In a Corner, Darkly, elevates the suspense and adds a swath of horror throughout.

Meet Mark DeSoto who scores a new job in a cool record store, only to find out he is surrounded by merchandise of death; follow Gully into an apocalyptic nightmare as he tries to escape the men with the ice-picks; join a small group of friends as they discover the truth behind getting lost in a jungle.

These fifteen tightly spun tales will keep you in . . . SUSPENSE!

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I seem to be on an anthology binge here lately, perhaps because the stories, being in bitesized morsels, are easier for me to swallow while I edge out of a reading slump. In A Corner, Darkly: Volume 2 is a request I received a few months ago, coinciding with a more recent edition of the collection from Sue Rovens. While it still has some editing issues (I ended up purchasing it because I lost my review copy), the book certainly plays host to several entertaining stories with interesting twists.

“When the Earth Bled” is undoubtedly one of my favorites.  For the most part, these stories are rather tame but Rovens does hint at the capability of making one’s stomach curl. I’ll definitely be interested in seeing more of what she’s got, especially if her full length books reflect the perfect length of her shorter tales.

A little more of the horrifying and another pass on editing would make this a four or five skull read. However, due to the errors and the fact that some of the tales weren’t all that terrifying, I’m going to have to go with a midway rating. Rovens has a lot of potential which I’d like to see come through in future works.

I’d like to thank the author for providing me with a free copy of this book (which I lost) in exchange for an honest review. This title is available for $1.99 on Amazon.

Rating: 💀💀💀

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