Review: Everything She Ever Wanted by Ann Rule A TRUE STORY OF OBSESSIVE LOVE, MURDER AND BETRAYAL (Abridged)

cover to abridged version of everything she ever wanted by ann rule
© Simon Schuster Audio, 1992.


Pat was a beautiful, willful child whose family belonged to the upper crust of Georgia society. Little Pat’s parents adored their daughter and satisfied her every desire. But as Pat grew older, her pampered life took a twisted turn when she found that her beauty and spoiled demands were not enough. Now, to get everything she ever wanted, she would resort to lying, deception, robbery, and worse.

Ann Rule uses her characteristic insight and exclusive access to the facts to create a gripping portrait of that rarity in crime — a female sociopath.

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Patricia Vann Radcliffe Taylor Allanson is a prime example of how wicked a woman can be, and readers learn this first hand in Ann Rule’s novel, Everything She Ever Wanted. If you’ve followed my blog for some time, you’ll know that I have a thing for reading about wicked women – after all, there’s this misguided belief that women can’t be as cruel as men and that they don’t kill despite hundreds of years of evidence to the contrary. In this abridged audiobook, listeners get a glimpse into the dark, twisted heart of a southern belle.

Rule’s recounting of the facts coupled with Betty Buckley’s voice make for a fascinatingly easy listen. The abridged version of this novel, which is what I listened to, it just over two and a half hours and makes for a quick one-sitting ordeal, which is nice. I do have to say though that there’s probably more to benefit from the unabridged version than this one.

The abridged version of Everything She Ever Wanted makes it a little harder to grasp just how much of a sociopath Pat is, and in fact she doesn’t begin to seem too crazy toward the end. I’m making the assumption this is due to the length and what was cut out, rather than an issue with writing style. Regardless, I enjoyed listening to this book and will be reading more of Rule’s work.

Rating: 💀💀💀

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