Book Beginnings: The Liar’s Girl by Catherine Ryan Howard Also, a little update on yours truly.

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What is Book Beginnings?

“Please join me every Friday to share the first sentence (or so) of the book you are reading, along with your initial thoughts about the sentence, impressions of the book, or anything else the opener inspires. Please remember to include the title of the book and the author’s name.” (Source: Rose City Reader)

The Sentence:

It’s 4:17 a.m. on Saturday morning when Jen comes to on a battered couch in a house somewhere in Rathmines, one of those red-brick terraces that’s been divided into flats, let out to students, and left to rot.

– from The Liar’s Girl by Catherine Ryan Howard.


Oddly, I don’t really have any impressions from this book – perhaps because of my reading slump, or maybe because there’s just nothing really to it. Some girl wakes up somewhere, and that’s that.


I know it’s been awhile since I last blogged – for my other site, it’s been more than a month. Between reading slumps and health issues, I’ve been pretty hard to come by. That said, I seem to finally be pulling things together. I have surgery on April 16th to have my gallbladder removed. It’s a simple one, but apparently that’s been part of what causes a lot of my trouble.

With that and my reading slump hopefully out of the way soon, I’ll be able to get back to my regularly scheduled blogging!


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