Review: Ghost Slayer by Majanka Verstraete (Ghost Slayer, #1)

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Twenty-one-year-old Kaelyn has spent half her life hunting ghosts and killing them. But she’s not like the other ghost hunters who have to rely on spells and curses to banish ghosts back to where they came from, hoping that they don’t come back. When Kaelyn kills a ghost, they stay dead.

But in Mortimer Hall, a behemoth of a house, Kaelyn is about to face the most powerful and life-threatening ghost she ever met, and what she doesn’t know is that the ghost has been waiting just for her…

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It’s not very often that I encounter a book that perfectly fits the mould for young adult fiction, but Majanka Verstraete’s Ghost Slayer does just that. The book is a pleasant, quick read that kept me just interested enough for me to devour it in a few days. Also, I find that it would appropriate for teens, even though its main character is a twenty-one year old college student.

Kaelyn isn’t your average college ghost hunter. She’s a bit more of a Winchester sort, with less flash and more stab. Fortunately for her, she’s got a ghost to deal with in an old haunted house and the an old flame on her mind. As if that’s not enough, something’s wrong with her powers! It’s a pretty standard paranormal plot, largely feeding off cliché haunted house movie tropes – which I feel is a great beginning place for teenagers.

Character-wise, we see much of the same themes. I don’t want to go into spoilers, but we do encounter a damsel, or rather several, damsels in distress as well as a strong female lead character. So I guess there’s that. I feel that main character’s love interest could have been a little less stereotyped and a bit more fleshed out, too. He was a tad too generic.

Overall, I liked several elements of this book. I think it finished more strongly than it began and had a few excellent concepts at its closing. I look forward to possibly checking out the second book. A special thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with a copy for the purpose of an unbiased review.

Rating: 💀💀💀

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