Review: Raven’s Fall by Lincoln Cole (World on Fire, #2)

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Abigail was arrested by the Council, and now she’s awaiting trial for the decisions she made leading up to and culminating in the events of Raven’s Peak. She is restless while she waits for answers and knows that there is a real threat outside their walls plotting to bring them down.

Meanwhile, Haatim is getting a crash course in this world he knew nothing about and finding out that nothing is as it seems.

There are dark clouds on the horizon and it is coming whether they are prepared or not. Will they be able to weather this storm?

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Raven’s Fall, the second book in Lincoln Cole’s World on Fire trilogy, picks up shortly after the ending of Raven’s Peak. Bristling with action, the book delves right into the heart of a new dilemma: the trial of Abigail Dressler for treason against the Council – a top-secret organization whose purpose is to protect the world from the supernatural forces that exist in the shadows.

I don’t have a whole lot to say about the characters that I didn’t say before. Although, there is a new diverse aspect of this book which makes me love Cole all the more: a gay main character. The best part? He’s not an embodiment of the flamboyant stereotype that we see so many homophobic individuals mocking. It simply exists, and that’s perfectly alright – the way things should be.

The plot is still pretty fast-paced. Coming in at a little bit shorter than the first big, Raven’s Fall is a quick read. It took me two sittings and that’s only because I fell asleep halfway through the book when I first sat down to devour it.

Naturally, I’ve already delved into the third book in this trilogy and I definitely look forward to reading more. My rating for this one is the same as the first book. If you’re interested, the series is available on Kindle Unlimited.

Rating: 💀💀💀💀

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