Hey guys! So, I want to let you all know about a new project that my best friend and I have started. It’s called the #spookyfriendsbookclub and features horror novel chapter-a-day read-a-longs, with primary discussion taking place on Litsy (which you should really download from the Apple and Google stores if you haven’t already). Litsy is like Instagram meets Twitter, but for bookwyrms.

How does it work?

I’d like to say each month, but in some cases, there might be two books in one month or one book over two, so that’s not really accurate. Anyway, the #spookyfriendsbookclub works like most book clubs. We’ll vote on a book from a selection of three and then we’ll read a chapter each day until we’ve completed the book. Discussions are welcome throughout the book. Between each selection, a one week period will be allowed as a break.

Voting for the next book begins at the start of the previous book, with the exception of our first pick. Voting will end sometime this weekend, with reading commencing on Wednesday. This allows me time to rest, too. You can vote on Facebook or Litsy. At the end of a selection’s period, votes will be tallied together and the book receiving the most marks will win.

What if I’ve already read the book and don’t want to re-read it?

Then don’t! If you’ve already read the book, you can hop out for that selection and join us again for the next one. Our readings aren’t mandatory, though we’d love for you to participate in the discussion still.

How do I join?

If you’re wanting to join the #spookyfriendsbookclub, it’s simple: you can either join our group on Facebook or simply use the hashtag on Litsy! Voting is up for our first selection right now, so hop in! It’s not too late to vote.

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