Top 5 Bookish Pet Peeves

We all have them: things we can’t stand when we are reading. Sometimes, the books we open are so horrible to us that we can’t stand to finish them. These books often end up on the dreaded DNF list, simply because our desire and want to love them doesn’t top how badly they frustrate us.

The following are things that bug me most when I am reading!

Don’t get me wrong. I actually don’t mind if what I’m reading is a little on the purple side. Wordsmiths are by far one of my favorite things and the ability of some individuals to craft sentences that take my breath away is pretty nifty. Unfortunately, there’s a time when there is simply so much of it that the point of the sentence ends up buried under all the… well, purple.

There’s also that line in Planet Urth where the main character’s love interest’s muscles are described as having “galloped” down his arm.

Those that follow my blog have learned one thing about me that seems to nearly always ring true: I hate romance plots. Now, the key word here is “nearly.” I don’t believe in fairy tales and happily ever after; most relationships aren’t perfect. That doesn’t mean that I automatically turn my nose up at relationships in books.

I actually don’t mind romance, as long as it is the sub-plot. Quite frankly I don’t care of Miss Jane and Mister John Doe fall head over heels in love and end up getting married and having children. If I wanted to read this sort of content, I’d read romance.

Real relationships are wrought with trials and tribulations. No two people mesh completely with one another, even soul mates. (In fact, some couples you think might kill one another can’t live without each other, which is rather interesting to watch.)

“If she was going to be a hero, she would have to find a cure.”

There is little else that bothers me more than the use of passive voice; I have dropped books within the first chapter because of it in the past. Now and then, it’s fine. In the right context, the sentence I’ve used as an example fits perfectly. As a book starter? It could use some work.

Seriously. If I know what’s going to happen by the time I finish the first few chapters, what’s the point in even reading it? Predictable plots bore me to no end. Because of this, I actually don’t mind last minute plot twists. Surprises are nice.

Last but not least, Mary Sue characters are the worst. The one thing that bothers me more than a perfect character? A perfect character with a cliched issue. The tragic past, yet no scars to show for it is one trope that is far too prevalent in fiction. Especially romance, which is another reason I loathe the genre for the most part.

No one is perfect and the characters of a book should reflect that.

If you enjoyed this post, please comment and share what your biggest pet peeves are when it comes to books.

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