#amreading: a site for lists, book news, and more

Okay, so I may have totally just stylized that title and cringed while I read it. I’m a bit too picky when it comes to mechanics, but that’s a whole different story for another time – if ever. Earlier today, #amreading featured my blog in one of their posts and I’m still reeling from the recognition. Last week, I learned The Ghastly Grimoire was nominated for Arkansas Time’s Best of the Best Blogs. Between those two mentions, I’m feeling pretty damn good.

That aside, I do want to take a moment to discuss #amreading and their content, which is all about books! While I mostly read novels that fit my niche, every now and then I do want something new. For that reason alone, I tend to keep up with a couple book blogs. This site, which a friend introduced me to, has a healthy serving of recommended reads. In addition, they’ve also got some pretty great lists.

#amreading also covers bookish news, which is great. More recently, they featured a story about a book club for veterans, a Harry Potter themed escape room, and a young boy who donates comic books to men and women serving active duty.

Despite #amreading‘s coverage of reading as whole, there are several niche articles available for your perusal. I can’t really speak much on what I think of these articles, as I’m rather biased and extremely judgmental (as I have learned). If you enjoy an occasional beach read, romance novel, LGBTQ friendly books, etc. then check them out. (They talk about way more genres than I do!)

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