Book Review: Something Violent by Kristopher Rufty

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If you’re looking for something with a unique take on classic 80’s slasher horror, Kristopher Rufty’s Something Violent is a must read. Imagine a social media site like Facebook, but with a targeted demographic of murderers and you have Something Violent, a site dedicated to the worst of the darkest, most disturbed minds roaming the world. Here, people come together to share the grisly details and even video footage of their feats – even going so far as to trade off partners in a grotesque version of swinging.

In Something Violent, the main characters aren’t victims struggling to save their own hides, but rather a couple that is aptly named Satan’s Sweethearts. Together they wreak havoc, slaughtering those that cross them. When their marriage seems at risk of falling apart, they kidnap a famous marriage counselor and recount the events that brought them together in grisly detail.

I think what I liked most about this book was its perspective – I couldn’t help but feel disgusted with myself for feeling any amount of sympathy for a pair of murderers, but I suppose in this case, the saying that “anything is possible” rings true. While the book wasn’t quite as gory as I would have liked, it certainly kept my interest.

On the other hand, it felt a little too sexualized. Of course, being a fan of the horror genre, this is an aspect of my taste in fiction that I have become accustomed to. Any true horror buff knows that the couple having sex will be one of the first to die after all. While it makes sense for one character to be sexually attracted to another, and go into detail about how and why, there are a few areas where I felt the sexual notes to be a bit too extreme and out of place. For instance, there’s a moment where Jody Covington, one of the main characters, thinks to herself about how slick her thighs are with sweat.

Aside from that, Something Violent offers an entertaining insight into the lives of killers and is definitely worth the read. I have to give Rufty kudos for pulling off the normalization of serial killers.

Thanks to NetGalley, DarkFuse, and the author for providing me with an advanced copy for the purpose of review.

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