Podcast Review: Cryptid Creatures

Image © Cryptid Creatures
Image © Cryptid Creatures.

I’ve only just recently gotten into the act of listening to podcasts, largely at the behest of my boyfriend. I’m not the type of person that listens to music unless I’m driving, and I am often content to sit in complete and total silence. At present, I’m playing catch up to five podcasts that I’ve selected based on recommendations from friends and, in the case of Cryptid Creatures, discovered via Twitter.

Cryptid Creatures is a new podcast hosted by Jesse Haynes, an author from Tulsa, Oklahoma. His books, Creepers and Creepers 2 are post-apocalyptic in nature and deal with an extraterrestrial virus that threatens humanity – which is totally up my alley, actually. I’ll have to look into those, when I’ve got the chance. The podcast is pretty self-explanatory: it covers cryptids, with a focus on those originating in the United States.

Presently, Cryptid Creatures has a total of five episodes and for your convenience, I’ve included their titles and a brief introduction of the cryptids Haynes covers in them.

Episode One: The Ozark Howler

Haynes begins his series of podcasts with a legend that strikes close to home for both of us, the Ozark Howler. Supposedly, this creature resides in the area for which it was named: a forest that spans Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Texas. Born and raised in central Arkansas, the Ozark Howler is a myth I grew up with. Reported sightings claim that the Ozark Howler is a large creature, likened to an upright cat and sometimes described as having horns. Its namesake alludes to its location and what it tends to do: howl.

Episode Two: The Pope Lick Monster

The second episode of this new podcast covers the urban legend of the human-goat-sheep hybrid creature known as the Pope Lick Monster.  Located in Kentucky, it is said that the Pope Lick Monster lures its victims to their death via hypnosis or voice mimicry. Some stories claim that the victim is either struck by a train or leaps to their death atop cars that pass under the tracks.

Episode Three: The Bloop

Episode three touches upon a strange, unearthly sound recorded in the ocean. Haynes also includes a clip of the audio, which reminds me of the opening to American Horror Story. Some believe it was created by a massive, undiscovered sea creature, but the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration believes it may have been created by an ice shelf breaking off of Antarctica.

Episode Four: The Pukwudgie

I’ve never actually heard of the Pukwudgie, so this podcast episode was definitely a new one for me. Grounded in Native American lore, the Pukwudgie remind me of the pigmy creatures in the Diablo franchise. They’re a mischievous sort that at one time were friendly with humans, and now aren’t so much. I’d have to say this is probably my favorite episode so far.

Episode Five: The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp

Cryptid Creatures’ latest episode deals with another lizard man legend, and goes in depth into the origins of the one that haunts Scape Ore Swamp. This bipedal, scaly creature is said to have an immense amount of strength and has been known to maul vehicles. It’s definitely an episode worth listening to.

As someone with little time between my book reviews, school, and job searching, I don’t tend to watch a lot of TV or listen to a lot of music. One of the reasons I hadn’t really looked into podcasts is because some of them are a bit on the lengthy side – for instance, NoSleep has episodes that range from half an hour to nearly two hours, and I simply cannot devote two hours all that often to listening. Cryptid Creatures does not present a time problem for me: Haynes keeps his episodes rather short, ranging between fifteen minutes and half an hour. They’re perfect, bite-sized pieces and undoubtedly will come in handle for listening to on breaks at work for some.

I also find Haynes’ audio selection, which is sourced locally, to be a fitting accompaniment to his material. It provides a soft, eerie undertone that is perfect for legends of the unknown. Now that I’m caught up, I suppose I’ll have to wait patiently for the next episode. In the meantime, if you’re interested in giving him a listen, you can find it on iTunes by searching Cryptid Creatures.

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