Is there a certain book or movie in the horror, suspense, thriller, fantasy, or science-fiction genre that you’d like my opinion on? If so, here’s the form through which to contact me!

I am an avid reader of horror, fantasy, and science fiction. Any copies received for review are read and feedback provided in a timely manner. More often than not, I strive to have feedback within one month of request; however, I  suffer from ulcerative colitis, so there are times when my health may require consideration.

I also read ARCs in order of publishing date. Books that  later in the year will come second to those being published shortly after request.  Unless noted otherwise in the request e-mail I receive, reviews are published to my site and Goodreads upon conclusion.

Movie requests are subject to these same conditions, however it also depends on the venue through which they are available. If I can access it through Netflix, then my reviews will be easier to accomplish. Because I am no longer able to work, I do not have a way of purchasing movies.

My reviews are always, first and foremost, honest and without bias. I will never sacrifice my integrity to appease a publisher, author, or friend. I reserve the right to remove my review at any time, should the author behave unprofessionally. Additionally, if I feel I cannot complete the review as expected, I may refuse it.