Friday Fun: Bookish Things

The Friday 56 with Freda’s Voice

This little blog hop entails turning to the 56th page of your book (or 56% in your e-reader) and selecting a sentence (or few) and sharing it with your readers. Of course, it’s best to keep it spoiler free.

This week’s novel: Dark Prince by Christine Feehan

Sleep, little one.

Dark Prince is a paranormal romance centered around the Carpathians, a race of creatures that bears a remarkable resemblance to vampires.

Book Beginnings with Rose City Reader

For Book Beginnings, we take the first sentence or passage from a book and share our impressions based on it.

This week’s novel: Burning by Jane Chambers

It was August. August. Too hot for living.

Impression: I can totally relate. August is probably the worst month here in Arkansas. Other than that, there’s not really much to form an opinion off of.

Burning is a 1978 horror novel that did not achieve fame. From what I’ve managed to find on it, it supposedly contains early LGBT content and is considered by some to be a feminist novel.

Book Blogger Hop with Ramblings Coffee Addicted Writer

This week’s question:

What is your first book of the year?

My first book of the year was The Toy Thief by D. W. Gillespie, and it was a wonderful read.

50/50 Friday with Carrie and Laura

This one encompasses opposites, such as likes and dislikes. This week is best and worst audiobooks.

© Westbow Press, 2006.

The worst audiobook I’ve ever listened to is The House by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker. It’s narrator, Kevin King, has an awful voice that, to me, sounded like nails on a chalk board. Because of that, if I ever choose to read it again, it’ll be the actual book.

cover for and the trees crept in
© Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2016.

And the Trees Crept In by Dawn Kurtagich is by far the best audiobook I’ve ever listened to. It’s actually more of a performance and I highly recommend it to pretty much anyone that asks me what to listen to next. Seriously, it’s great and I can’t even begin on the why.

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  1. Thanks for visiting Fiction Books this week. It is good to ‘meet’ you and share our reading similarities and of course, differences.

    I am not a fan of audio books, as I don’t particularly enjoy being read to. Even as a child I was quite happy to read my own stories and teach myself about the words I didn’t understand, just as soon as I was able to. I don’t really think I absorb the story unless I read it for myself and for that, I have to have complete peace and quiet.

    As you say, both of your extracts this time, probably don’t give us much to work on to form an opinion of a story line, although I can totally agree about the summer months being far too hot, even here in the UK over recent years. I am much more of a spring and autumn person.

    Still, you have featured some great sounding books, so thanks for sharing 🙂


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